MetroPCS Mail in Flashing Service


Please note that $35 is those who have call and text on their phones. For getting call and text try you local metro store or ask me if I can get it added by someone


Before doing anything, goto settings -> application -> development and check the usb debuging.
Install the driver for adb. Easy way is to install HTC sync and then goto add/remove programms and uninstall only the htc sync, do not remove the drivers.

For fixing web follow the guide for EVO 4G.

For those who have web fixed and wanted to get their picture message.

HTC EVO 3D Picture Messaging Fix
Picture Message Fix.
Download and copy it to your sdcard.

If you have any recovery installed (you need to root to install recovery, for help ask me in comments !)

Here are general steps to root your EVO 3D.
Credit to revolutionary root guys.

Download the software, extract it to folder. Run it and when it asks for the key goto the page you downloaded the software from and enter the details. It will give you the key.

If you have newer version which is not rootable using the above software then try this.

Follow the steps to unlock bootloader.

Once completed download this pack.
Evo root pack
Extract the files to desktop.
Copy the file to your sdcard

Goto start menu and type cmd as shown below.
Right click on it and run as administator.

Now open the folder you extracted the contents of the file.
and right click in the address bar area then right click and copy the path as shown below.

Now goto cmd we opened earlier and paste the address into the cmd window.
for example if you have C:\Users\Inpiron M5030\Desktop\rootevo3dnew

cd and hit space bar once,right click next to it and click paste
 It will look like this when you type cd followed by space and the address.
cd C:\Users\Inpiron M5030\Desktop\rootevo3dnew(press enter)

Now type
adb reboot bootloader (press enter)
your phone will reboot into bootloader
fastboot flash recovery cwm-

After doing that press the power key once on your phone, you'll see a text saying recovery there.
Using your volume keys navigate to it and press power key once.

You will be into recovery menu.
Look where it says something like flash zip, and choose flash zip from sdcard, look for the file you copied to your sdcard earlier. and install it. If it gives you an error try it one more time. do the same for the file Evo_3D_mms_fix_2.08.651.2_signed.

if the picture message don't work install this ready to go metropcs rom. --> EVO 3D MetroPcs ROM

You are now rooted and with picture message fixed.


  1. hi my name is geoffrey and i need your help. i want to know, lets just say your evo 3d is flash already to metro pcs but its not rooted and you want to root it, when you unlock bootloader to have root access will it mess up your flash to where you would have to reflash your phone again?

  2. No your flash will stay on it. I was afraid but I took the chance and rooted just fine.

  3. just wanted to thank you.. ur instructions were helpful and I noticed that u do not have the latest prl for MPCS I need ur pm or email to send you the latest one...thank u

  4. Wondering the MMS Fix work on all type of Roms ex. Miui?

  5. Replies
    1. Downgrade it to older software version, and then apply it

    2. after that can I upgrade back to 2.89 with it working? or do I need to stay downgraded?

  6. I need help to flash my EVO to metro,email me plz

    1. $60 for full flash, $35 for internet fix

    2. Hey I try that.I pay $55 to this guys cdmaflashingsoftware.,and they scams me.,so I don't nkow

  7. If I flash my rooted EVO 3d to metro will I still b able to flash the normal sprint based custom roms?

  8. Hi my name is Jeffrey. If my phone is already flashed to metro and i factory reset it will i lose the flash? htc evo 3d

    1. No it will stay. I have had to redo the ruu and the flash stayed.

  9. i have my evo 3d flashed and i have a virus when ever i call someone they sound like a little robot, it is not a hardware where problem but a software problem, i also want the ics update but it is rooted, someone told me that if i UN root it that the sms will not work pleas help

    1. dont unroot it you dont need to just look for nocturnals metro pcs rom and download n flash it from recovery using 4ext works for me if any bootloops use anthrax htcleak but install htcleak after rom

  10. I have a flashed evo 3d currently running stock ICS with h-boot 1.58 with s-on. I am going to wire trick s-off, and flash the Viper redline rom, but would like to know if the flash to metropcs will stick, if I flash a new rom to it?

  11. I had my phone fleshed to metro but I lost my number because I couldn't pay my bill in time when I went to metro they tell me it wont register how do I do it where can I get the meid # for metro n not the one on the phone